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Theater of Inspiration

by Ulises Escobar  Theater people are the ancient geeks of the world. The majority of people in theater are hard working fundamentalists, dedicating long hours to making creativity happen. It’s a unique and important calling, mired with frustrations that would make the average person walk away, especially when trying to make…


Concerning Auditions

by Ulises Escobar  Considerations Casting is much like applying for a position with a startup company. Like any organization, they are normally looking for a good fit. They know each other, and they don’t know you. Therefore, it’s essential that you prove yourself as a practical, responsible person, who has some understanding of…



PERSPECTIVE In Dance, a number of factors can be used to determine what is happening with the movement, i.e., movement-opposition, turn-out, extension, etc.. In essence, you can form a language to address the mechanical goals of the choreography to improve the form. The practice of technique, helps the dancers reach a more heightened…


Pina Bausch, 1940-2009 (Memories of…)

by Ulises Escobar  “I’m not so interested in how they move, as in what moves them.” Pina Bausch, German Choreographer, Wuppertal Theater, Germany (Wikipedia) Pina Bausch may be one of the biggest unsung heroes of modern theater. In 1972, she was given the role as Artistic Director at the Wuppertal Theater, in…

Constatine Stanislavski

Constantin Stanislavski (1868—1938)

by Ulises Escobar  “All action on the stage must have an inner justification, be logical, coherent, and real.” Constantin Stanislavski (1868—1938),  inventor of modern acting, Moscow Theater (Wikipedia) Constantin Stanislavski was a Russian actor, director, and theatre producer who helped found the Moscow Art Theatre in 1897. He introduced ‘real’ acting…

Vocal Strength

Vocal Strength

by Ulises Escobar  A stronger voice and better articulation lends itself to more believability and versatility. It can also tap into a wider range of emotions to communicate. It seems obvious, but too often the voice is neglected as part of the process of developing technique. Willem Defoe, Morgan Freeman,…

Painting/character by Germain Brooks Ditel

Strreeeetching The Mind

image based on a painting by artist Germaine Brooks by Ulises Escobar “In improv, mistakes are gems!” Mark Rachel (Instructor)  Actor As Storyteller (Workshop) , Perchance to… I once saw a modern, ballet choreographer once ask an enthusiastic group of dancers who were auditioning for his company, to recreate their audition…

Film acting with Michael-Caine

Michael Caine – Acting in Film Workshop (Part 1-6)

posted by Ulises Escobar Acting for the Screen (Michael Caine, Six BBC Videos) Amidst the endless noise of advertising and interpretations on Acting, it’s hard to find good, sound advice. Therefore, it was a delight to discover this enlightening 1987 BBC production where the prolific, Sir Michael Caine (Educating Rita, Batman) graciously provides…